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Tuesday 17 August 2010

Review: Skoz The Dog - Up In The Air

Title: Skoz the Dog: Up In The Air

Author: Andrew Daddo

Illustrator: Judith Rossell

Publisher: HarperCollins, $12.99 RRP

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780733327803

For ages: 7 - 10

Type: Novel

About: In the second instalment of Skoz the Dog’s adventures, he awakes to the sound of ears flapping. His ears. What on earth could be causing that?

Maybe his owners are taking him for a ride in the car?

Think again.

Skoz has, in fact, woken to find himself falling through the sky. He must think of a way to stop, and fast.

The last thing he needs is some bird coming along and telling him off for his lack of sky manners.

He tries everything he can think of: flying, whirring his tail about, using his ears as parachutes, farting, landing on a parachute and a cloud.

Finally, he spots a hot air balloon – can Skoz manage to find his way into the balloon and back to safety?

This story is once again full of thrilling, funny mishaps and misadventure for Skoz.

The dog is a gorgeous character that finds his way into readers’ hearts, and stays with them long after the covers of these books have been shut.

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