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Tuesday 17 August 2010

Review: Sprung!

Title: Sprung!

Author: Andrew Daddo

Illustrator: Terry Denton

Publisher: Hachette, $14.95 RRP

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780733613883

For ages: 8 - 12

Type: Picture book

About: Sprung! is a collection of short stories, tied together as they narrate several chapters in young Fergus Kipper’s life.

From Chocolate Cars, about a family driving trip, we are taken to Dead Dog Skozz where a boy reminisces the great times he had with his beloved pet. Then comes Unauthorised Loans where we learn the repercussions of stealing from one’s father, Flying Boggies with its lesson about getting dressed before heading to school and Broometime about being lost camping.

The next stories are Toolman about gadgets, catching flies and dares, Dufus, our introduction to the family’s new dog, The Incident with its tales about fun and mishap with friends, Uncle Dad about strange dreams, Humpy Eggs about kissing girls and egging houses and, finally, Trail Hunter about saving up for a new bike.

These are humorous stories about a young boy’s life, full of fun and misadventure as he finds his way through a number of lessons and rules.

Daddo’s keen eye for the minutiae of day-to-day life is clever and funny, but unfortunately gives in to toilet humour at times.

On the whole, the stories of Sprung! (Daddo’s first book) are a great introduction to this author’s work and sense of humour. It also gives us a good insight into the beginning of Skoz the Dog’s life!

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