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Saturday 27 November 2010

Review: The Rain Train

This rainy night lullaby calls through drizzle-ridden pages, inviting us pyjamas and all, to board the Rain Train.

Elena Roo’s words match Brian Lovelock’s illustrations to perfection. Tissshhhhh. The Rain Train slides into the station.

This will be a rainy day favourite for years to come.
Rocking from side to side, we whoosh through tunnels and roar down plains with a Clatter- clat clat.

The Clippety Clip beat of the journey is mesmerising. I find myself drifting dreamily to the Ping Itta Pang of raindrops on windows and roof.

Am I in the train or still snuggled in bed? Maybe both.

What better way to slip into dreamland than on the Rain Train?

- this review by KBR newcomer Jo Burnell - welcome Jo!

Title: The Rain Train
Author: Elena De Roo
Illustrator: Brian Lovelock
Publisher: Walker Books, $27.95RRP
Publication Date: August 2010
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781921529146
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book