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Wednesday 19 January 2011

Review: Bones of Faerie

Wolves. Been done. Faeries. It's been done. Or has it?

This book has got one of the best opening chapters I have read in a long time. We learn that Liza had a sister once, a beautiful baby with faerie pale hair.

"The memory of my sisters bones, cracked and bloody in the moonlight, haunts me still".

That was my notice to get comfortable; in just two pages I knew I was not moving until I finished this book.

The war between humans and Faerie devastated both sides, the results of war linger still for its survivors in this dystopian tale.

Liza lives in Franklin Falls. A town of caution. A town of rules. Don't touch any stones that glows from faerie light, a light that will burn you fiercer than fire. Don't venture out alone into the dark and cast out the magic born among you, before it can turn on its parents. As I read further into the story, It felt like the town was a reflection of Liza's father, of his paranoia, distrust and anger. (Sounds like an absolute treat doesn't he?)

When Liza's sister is cast out her mother ventures into the forest and vanishes leaving Liza with her father. When Liza realises that she may too possess magic she knows she must flee. On her journey she learns that everything she thought she knew may not be the truth. Liza will have to learn to trust those around her and herself if she is going to find her mother and what she learns along the way, just may heal the wounds of war for both humans and faeries.

What I really appreciated was that there were no predictable love storylines. There were no angsty eyes and no lustful insecurities. For once we were just taken along with the haunting story and I think the story stands stronger for it. I also have a soft spot in my heart for wee Alison, the healer. Such moxy for one so small! The cover is just gorgeous, but I confess I do have a penchant for the shade of black.

Just Brilliant. I am looking forward to book two in the series, Faerie Winter, in 2011.

Title: Bones of Faerie
Author: Janni Lee Simner
Publisher: Random House Australia, $18.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 December, 2010
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781742750651
For ages: Young adult
Type: Novel

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