'The best books, reviewed with insight and charm, but without compromise.'
- author Jackie French

Monday 7 February 2011

Bibliography: Jackie French

KBR is delighted to welcome award-winning and immensely talented author Jackie French to our stable of Behind the Books features... our first for 2011. Jackie's books run the gamut from picture books to historical novels and encyclopaedic gardening tomes, so providing a bibliographical listing here is difficult.

We therefore provide a listing specifically focusing on children's books - but be warned, that too is long! As Jackie is such a prolific writer and also writes for established series like the Mates series, this list is incomplete and may be slightly inaccurate for dates.

Enjoy this peek at Jackie's books and stay tuned for a wonderful two days of fabulous French fun, and don't forget to check out her website for fascinating inside information on Jackie's writing processes.

Annie's Pouch

Rainstones (HarperCollins 1991)

The Roo That Won the Melbourne Cup (HarperCollins 1991)

The Boy Who Had Wings (HarperCollins 1992)

Walking the Boundaries (HarperCollins 1993)

The Music From the Sea (1993)

City in the Sand (1993)

House of a Hundred Animals (1993)

Hairy Charlie and the Frog (CIS 1994)

Hairy Charlie and the Pumpkin (CIS 1994)

Twelve Bottles Popping! (CIS)

Somewhere Around the Corner (HarperCollins 1994)

The Metal Men (1994)

The Secret Beach (HarperCollins 1995)

Alien Games (Harper Collins 1995)

Mermaids (HarperCollins 1995)

The Children of the Valley series 5 books (Aird Books 1996)

The Tribe That sang to Trees (1996)

Mind's Eye (HarperCollins 1996)

Beyond the Boundaries (1996)

Summerland (HarperCollins 1996)

A Wombat Named Bosco (HarperCollins 1996)

The Warrior (HarperCollins 1996)

The Book of Unicorns (HarperCollins/Angus&Robertson 1997)

Dancing with Ben Hall (HarperCollins 1997)

The Boy with Silver Eyes (Lothian 1997)

The Soldier on the Hill (HarperCollins 1997)

Summerland (HarperCollins 1997)

There's a Wallaby at the Bottom of my Garden (Koala Books 1997)

Stories to Eat with a Banana (HarperCollins/Angus & Robertson Bluegum 1997)

Daughter of the Regiment (HarperCollins 1998)

How the Aliens from Alpha Centauri Invaded my Maths Class and Turned Me Into A Writer (HarperCollins 1998)

The Little Book of Big Questions (Allen & Unwin 1998)

There's an Echidna at the Bottom of my Garden (Koala Books 1998)

Felix Smith Has Every Right to be a Crocodile (Koala Books 1998)

Tajore Arkle (HarperCollins 1999)

Hitler's Daughter (HarperCollins 1999)

Stories to eat with a Watermelon (HarperCollins 1999)

How to Guzzle your Garden (HarperCollins 1999)

Charlie's Gold (Koala book 1999)

Missing You, Love Sarah (HarperCollins 2000)

Bert and the Band (Koala Books 2000)

Lady Dance (HarperCollins 2000)

Stamp, Stomp, Whomp and Other Interesting Ways to Get Rid of Pests (HarperCollins 2000)

The Fascinating History of your Lunch (HarperCollins 2001)

How the Finnigans Saved the Ship (HarperCollins 2001)

Dark Wind Blowing (HarperCollins 2001)

In the Blood (HarperCollins 2001)

Cafe on Callisto (2002)

The White Ship (HarperCollins 2002)

Blood Moon (HarperCollins 2002)

Ride the Wild Wind (HarperCollins 2002)

Diary of a Wombat (HarperCollins 2003)

Too Many Pears! (Koala Books 2003)

Blood Will Tell (HarperCollins 2003)

Valley of Gold  (HarperCollins 2003)

My Dog the Dinosaur (HarperCollins 2003)

Big Burps, Bare Bums and Other Bad-Mannered Blunders (HarperCollins 2003)

A War for Gentlemen (HarperCollins 2004)

Rocket Your Child Into Reading (HarperCollins 2004)

To the Moon and Back (HarperCollins 2004)

The Dinkum History Series (Scholastic)

Flesh and Blood (HarperCollins 2004)

My Dad the Dragon (HarperCollins 2004)

Phredde the Phaery Series (HarperCollins 2004)

Tom Appleby Convict Boy (HarperCollins 2004)

The Secret World of Wombats (2005)

They Came on Viking Ships (HarperCollins 2005)

My Gran the Gorilla (2005)

Pete the Sheep (HarperCollins 2006)

One Perfect Day (2006)

Macbeth and Son (HarperCollins 2006)

The Goat Who Sailed the World (HarperCollins 2006)

Josephine Wants to Dance (HarperCollins 2007)

The Shaggy Gully Times (HarperCollins 2007)

The Day I Was History (2007)

Pharaoh (HarperCollins 2007)

How High can a Kangaroo Hop? (HarperCollins 2008)
One Big Whacky Family (HarperCollins 2008)

The Camel Who Crossed Australia (HarperCollins 2008)

A Rose for the Anzac Boys (HarperCollins 2008)

Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip (2008)

The Dog Who Loved a Queen (HarperCollins 2008)

Baby Wombat's Week (HarperCollins 2009)

How to Scratch a Wombat (2009)

The Night They Stormed the Eureka (HarperCollins 2009)

School for Heroes Series (HarperCollins 2009/10)

Oracle (HarperCollins 2010)

The Horse Who Bit a Bushranger (HarperCollins 2010)

A Waltz for Matilda (HarperCollins 2010)

The Tomorrow Book (HarperCollins 2010)

Queen Victoria's Underpants (HarperCollins 2010)

Diary of a Baby Wombat (HarperCollins 2010) (HarperCollins 1990)