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- author Jackie French

Sunday 6 February 2011

Literary Resources for Kids at My Little Bookcase

The very clever and dedicated Jackie at My Little Bookcase has recently expanded her site even further to include some really fantastic resources for kids, parents and reachers.

One of Jackie's fabulous initiatives is posting on books in categories or themes, like her recent line up of books on heading back to school.

She has also begun a wonderful list of activities parents and teachers can use with their kids to make reading and appreciating books even more imaginative and educational. She has even used my latest book - Riley and the Curious Koala - as inspiration for a Family Photo Night activity.

With reading tips, competitions, family tales, a huge range of book recommendations and much more, we're loving My Little Bookcase here at KBR. Enjoy a little peruse yourself - you'll come up with some real literary gems and the unmissable understanding that this is one woman who is intensely passionate about children's books.