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Wednesday 6 April 2011

ebook Review: Art Not Craft

The Art Not Craft ebook has been put together for parents of children aged 12 months to five years. It contains ideas, knowledge and information that will benefit parents, but the real winners here are the children.

Take my family for example...

My toddler loves art and creating - but my husband and I are both hopeless with such things. I'll admit, my idea of art time for our daughter is putting a few crayons and some paper on the table. You can imagine, then, how happy she is that I now have some fresh ideas.

I can just about hear her thinking, 'The fun stuff is finally starting!'

Art Not Craft has been written and compiled by early childhood educator, mum and blogger Christie Burnett, from award-winning parenting website Childhood101. Using her varied experience, Christie has put together a pile of ideas for helping children unleash their creativity, as well as tips for parents on putting together an art space, finding materials, recipes for playdoughs and clays, and more.

Why 'art' and not 'craft'? you might ask. Burnett explains that the two are often confused, but art is defined as "an opportunity for the child to express their individual creativity" rather than more structured and outcome-based craft activities. Having art time is important to a child's development, allowing them to not only be creative and original with their activities, but to express thoughts and emotions that they may struggle to verbalise.

Art Not Craft helps parents to foster this creative development, and is laid out in a practical, useful and easy to follow manner. Drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture - it's all here and it's great for parents and wonderful for children.

Don't miss this gorgeous ebook.

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