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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Reviews: Just Like Us

The Just Like Us collection of board books creates a bridge of understanding between children and animals.

In Taking it Easy, all the animals are lazing around, dawdling and soaking up the fresh air - just like the illustrated children. "Huge hippos are yawning. So are we!"

Feeling Great shows animals with various emotions - shy, frightened, excited, grumpy and sleepy. Young children learn not just that animals and others can feel the same way as they do themselves, but that emotions are natural and normal. This book opens up conversations between adults and little ones about how they're feeling, and how to express those emotions.

In Tucking In, it's time to eat. And animals like some of the same foods as humans, it seems: oats, milk, fruit, fish and bananas are on the menu. Yum!

These books are beautifully illustrated and make day-to-day feelings and activities part of conversation and help children to understand themselves. Creating an understanding in this way also helps to feel empathy towards their environment. And lift-the-flap discoveries are always a hit with babies and toddlers, making the experience of reading an enjoyable one.


Title: Just Like Us: Taking it Easy, Feeling Great, Tucking In
Author/Illustrator: Jess Stockham
Publisher: Child's Play, $12.95 each
Publication Date: 2006
Format: Board books
ISBN: 9781846431814; 9781846430480; 9781846430466
For ages: 0+
Type: Picture Books