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Saturday 11 June 2011

Author Interview: Adam Wallace

We are delighted to welcome KBR friend and all round hilarious guy Adam Wallace with this enlightening interview in celebration of the release of his very first junior fiction book - The Incredible Journey of Pete McGee.

Who are you? Ah yes, the eternal question we spend our entire lives seeking the answer to … but it’s pretty easy really, I’m Adam Wallace!

Why are you here? So that I can answer these interview questions. If I was somewhere else I wouldn’t be able to because the internet on my phone isn’t working.

Where do you live and does it involve a submarine? Where’s Wally, hey? Well, it does not, I’m afraid, involve a submarine. It does, however, involve 12 cartons of bananas, a blender, and an armadillo. And all this in lovely Ivanhoe East!

PS: I don’t really have a blender.

What do you do? I dance around the house to my favourite songs, I wear doona boots, I take siestas, I sing very badly, I do handstands moderately well, I play golf and I write children’s books.

Why do you write? Because I absolutely love it. No more to say … except this … I write because it is bursting out of me, and I need to sit down and let it all out. Sometimes the tricky thing is organising it all. I have all these ideas and scenes and books and lines and words in my head, and I need to get them out somewhere. So I write them down and hope that they come together into a fairly enjoyable and interesting and funny story!

Is it fun? Writing is amazingly fun. There are moments when I write that I totally lose track of time. And writing gives me the biggest buzz, from actually writing something, to reading through it, to getting feedback from kids (and sometimes adults!).

How many books have you written? I have written a lot. I don’t know what I’m up to now, but at last count there were over 500 stories and poems on my computer … plus 500 limericks and 300 tongue twisters! Plus I have a number of notebooks which I have filled with stories that haven’t made it to the computer yet … but they will … maybe …

Who is Pete McGee? Pete McGee is the star of my next book, The Incredible Journey of Pete McGee, and he is my favourite character I have ever written about. He feels like someone I want to be friends with. Pete dreams of becoming a great knight … he even talks with all the doths and thous and thees and methinks. But he is also funny, and generous, and brave, and loves a good hamburger.

Why does he only have one arm? Will it grow back? He was born with just one arm, so it won’t ever grow back. He does have a chance to get it back but … hey! Stop trying to get me to give away what happens in the book! I’m on to you, McCartney!

Will he go on more adventures? Absolutely. In fact, his second adventure, Day of the Zombie Knights, has just gone to the editor. In it, Pete is still chasing his dream to become a knight, and is in training at the castle. And there are zombie knights on the attack! They were awesome fun to write about, especially when they think they are brushing their hair but it is really worms on their heads! And when their eyeballs fall out.

What are you working on next? Well, I have been writing some short stories about pirates, spooky stuff, and hairy fairies (not all in the same story!). That’s been awesome fun, and then later in the year I aim to start a five book extravaganza of philosophies, life lessons, and ninjas.

What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up, hey? Hmmm, some people think that may never happen, that I’m like a kid in an adult’s body [ed: he is!! Andy Griffiths, eat your heart out!]. But I don’t mind not being totally mature. Do you know what the definition of mature is? When something is ripe! Well, what I reckon is that after something becomes ripe it starts to rot, so I prefer to think that my life will be a journey of growing up and maturing. Then, when I am on my deathbed (eating some bananas because I’ll have false teeth and will only be able to eat bananas, soup and mashed corn), that is the time I will be happy to say I have grown up and matured.

Either that or I would like to be a sports commentator! And, of course, a massively happy and successful children’s author!

What is the meaning of life? Oh man, I don’t have a dictionary here. Ummm, okay, right. Time for me to get serious here. I think the meaning of life is fun. It’s about finding and following your bliss. It’s about giving to and helping others. It’s about spending time with friends and laughing SOOOO much that your jaw hurts. It’s following your dreams and it’s about not worrying what other people think of you. It’s about honestly being you, about being real.

Which cartoon character most represents you and why? I would like to say Ralph Wiggum, just because he’s my favourite, but I am also happy to say that I am nothing like him at all.

I would love to be like the best of all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michaelangelo, because he’s cool and funny and yet still gets the job done and has skills. But I am probably most like He Man. You know, just ‘cos of all the muscles and stuff. [Ed: hmph! titter!]

Where can we learn more about you? Hopefully never on Australia’s Most Wanted. A good place to start would be on my website, adam-wallace-books.com. There’s even a video about me on there! [Ed: reader warning: careful, you might wet your pants.] And some of that video is even true.

Or you can learn about me by reading my books, as they give away a bit about how my mind works. Or you could ask my mum. Or my dad. Or my lovely partner Andrea. Or any of my friends. Maybe don’t call them too late though, because we’re all getting old now and have to get to bed early and get a good 8 hours sleep.

Speaking of which, I think it’s time for me to take a nap. Goodnight.

Delight in more of Wally Adam Wallace at adam-wallace-books.com.