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- author Jackie French

Saturday 11 June 2011

KBR Recommends: New Junior Fiction for Girls, June 2011

The Magic Folk Collection by Enid Blyton
(Penguin, $14.95)
Ages 8 – 11

Three hidden gems from Enid Blyton are brought together in this one-stop tome. A must-have for any Blyton lover.

A Book of Pixie Stories
Some pixies are sweet and helpful, but some are lazy, and the naughty ones love to play tricks. In this book you will meet all sorts of pixies, so you will know what to do if ever you see one.

The Book of Fairies
Follow the adventures of Betty, the girl who doesn't believe in fairies (but soon changes her mind), Karin the shy gnome, and many more.

The Book of Brownies
Hop, Skip and Jump are three naughty brownies who love to play tricks. But when a wicked witch tricks the tricksters and has them capture the little fairy-princess Peronel for her, they are turned out of fairy land by the angry king.

Pocket Rocket: The Girl Who Blew Up Her Brother by Christopher Milne
Pocket Rocket: Dancing Queen by Thalia Kalkipsakis
(Hardie Grant, $5)
Ages 5 – 8

Pocket Rockets is a new affordable series for parents and kids from Hardie Grant. Awesome books for a week’s allowance, at only $5, these small format books are an excellent way for mums and dads to trial a series or author on their reluctant and emerging readers.

Pocket Rockets aim to provide a low price, high value offer for cash-strapped parents and kids spending their own pocket money. Every Pocket Rocket title is from a best-selling series and includes books for both boys and girls.

The Go Girl series has been an incredible success story, and with amazing new covers, these Pocket Rocket versions are sure to attract girls. Surf’s Up and Dancing Queen are two of the launch titles.

Re-jacketed, re-edited and naughtier than ever, Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls first stormed onto the early-reader scene in July 2010. In the Pocket Rocket version, very naughty illustrations have been added to provide reading breaks, word-art to add emphasis to create the perfect package for the reluctant reader.

The Wide-Awake Princess by E D Baker
(Bloomsbury, $15.99)
Ages 7 – 11

E.D. Baker pulls out all the stops in this brilliant version of a classic tale. It's a little known fact that Sleeping Beauty's younger sister, Annie, is the one who must save the day and rescue her from the evil curse.

Annie is impervious to all magic - good and bad - and is the only one left awake when her sister pricks that finger. She sets off through the kingdom to find her sister's true love, the only person who can wake her and reverse the spell.

Annie is joined by a handsome prince in disguise as she tackles Hansel and Gretel (and their witch), and many other fabulously familiar fairytale characters.
Full of Baker's trademark humour, plot twists, and with a funny and strong female lead, this will charm fans of The Frog Princess, and bring in many new ones.

Our Australian Girl: Book 2
(Penguin, $14.95)
Ages 8 – 11
Delighted to see this second round of books in the already-popular Our Australian Girl series from Penguin. Written by a quartet of talented writers, this 16-part series (4 books one each girl) is a glorious peek into Australian history – from 1808 through to 1900.

A Friend for Grace by Sofie Laguna
Its 1808 . . . and Grace is on board the ship Indispensable with her friend Hannah.  The girls wonder what the new land will be like – the convict women say there are giant rats and other strange animals!  Then sickness strikes the ship . . . Will they survive to reach the shores of New South Wales?

Follow Grace on her adventure in the second of four exciting stories about a convict girl who is given another chance.

Letty and the Stranger’s Lace by Alison Lloyd

It’s 1841 . . . and Letty and her sister Lavinia have arrived in Sydney town.  It's a dangerous place for two girls on their own.  When Lavinia gets a job, poor Letty is left feeling useless and alone.  Then she meets Mary, a strange woman with a secret . . . .

Follow Letty on her adventure in the second of four exciting stories about a free-settler girl and her new life in a far-off land.

Poppy at Summerhill by Gabrielle Wang

It's 1864 . . . and Poppy, disguised as a boy, has escaped from Bird Creek Mission to find her brother, Gus.  Life on the road is hard, but Poppy is given shelter at the Summerhill Homestead.  There she meets a new friend, Noni – but will Noni discover that Poppy is not who she sys she is?  And will Poppy find Gus before they lose each other forever?

Follow Poppy on her adventure in the second of four series about a Gold Rush girl who dreams of a better life.

Rose on Wheels by Sherryl Clark
Its 1900 . . . and Rose feels that Aunt Alice is the only one who understands her.  But now it looks as if Aunt Alice is going to live in Adelaide, leaving Rose with a dreadful new governess, Miss Higginbottom!  Can Rose stop Aunt Alice leaving Melbourne?  And has he chance of going to school gone forever?

Follow Rose on her adventure in the second of four stories about a Federation girl who's determined to do things her way!