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Monday 29 August 2011

Featured Father: Roland Harvey

Happy father's day, Roland! 

Who are you?
My name is Roland Bruce Lollypop Harvey. (It's not funny... I was named Bruce after my dad.)

What do you do? 
I do stuff for books like pictures and words and jokes. I am officially an 'Author - Illustrator'. I used to be a publisher and before that I was an Architect and before that I was a cute Little Boy.

How many kids do you have?
I have four children: Sallie Christina Harvey, Timothy Piers Harvey, Roland James Harvey and Sara Jane Harvey, but their real names are Sowly, Tin, Budge and China.

What kind of Dad are you?
I am a very bad dad. I let them do whatever they want and then I get REALLY cross if they do anything really wrong. I stick up for them if they get into trouble and expect them to look after me when I get old. We do lots of good things together.

What do your kids call you? 
My kids call me 'Pops', and if they want to borrow something, I am 'Rols'.

What do you like most about being a Dad?
The best thing about being a dad is having them for friends, and not having to get them clean any more. I'm very happy that with them as my kids, I sort of get to live forever.

What is your favourite book about Dads?
My favourite book about dads is the one I'm going to write about 'Domestic Fitness for Dads'.

Can you tell us the name of your newest book? Will it be good for Dads?
My newest book is 'All the Way to WA' in which the family from 'At the Beach' goes off to rescue Uncle Kev, who goes off to rescue the last 'Night Parrot' which was thought to be extinct. It is a good book to tempt kids to take their Dad all over Western Australia, and maybe find the Night Parrot together. But you'll have to wait until October to get it for a late Fathers' Day present!

See more about Lollypop Harvey at www.rolandharvey.com.au 
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