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- author Jackie French

Monday 12 September 2011

Bibliography - Dave Hackett

Today we are delighted to feature uber talented author/illustrator and all-round fun guy Dave Hackett, with our very last Behind the Books feature. Dave has a fabulous line-up of hilarious and fun books, from junior fiction to picture books and activity books. Enjoy this peruse at his work... and stay tuned for two days of Hacketty fun!

Sumo Granny Smackdown
(Puffin, 2011)

Hamilton's Handstand
(Puffin, 2011)

Unstoppable Brainspin
(Puffin, 2010)

Hands-On Cartooning
(Puffin, 2010)

Norman Enormous
(Puffin, 2009)

UFO Afloat: Unavoidable Family Outing
(Puffin, 2008)

UFO in the USA: Unavoidable Family Outing 2
(Puffin, 2007)

M.A.D. Cartooning

UFO: Unavoidable Family Outing
(Puffin, 2006)

Cartoon Dave's Fab Face Freakout
(Puffin, 2006)

Cartoon Dave's No-Rules Cartooning
(Puffin, 2004)

Cartoon Your Big Slimy Brains Out