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Sunday 11 September 2011

Review: Neville No-Phone

Neville will get a mobile phone, no matter what. That’s the plan. It doesn’t matter that he’s in primary school. He NEEDS it and he needs it NOW.

There are a few minor obstacles in his way. Neville’s parents don’t understand his need. Baby monitors and paper cups attached with string just aren’t the same, but they don’t get it.

Nothing fazes Neville. He’s creative. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, then the dilemma hits. Does ‘Finders Keepers’ include mobile phones and what’s the point of having one with no credit?

Neville is a lively, likeable boy. He sounds like half the boys I know in Grade Two or Three. Some of his brilliant brain waves turn to disaster, while other unplanned events lead to solutions.

Neville No-Phone is a perfect middle Reader for anyone longing for a phone of their own, anyone with a best friend or anyone with an annoying sibling. What the heck, Neville No-Phone is perfect for anyone who enjoys a quick, enjoyable easy read.

Complete with Teachers’ Notes detailing how to make a cup-phone, Neville No-Phone will give middle classrooms hours of enjoyment.

Title: Neville No-Phone
Author: Anna Branford
Illustrator: Kat Chadwick
Publisher: Walker Books Australia
Publication Date: 1 August 2011
Format: Paperback
RRP: $15.95
ISBN: 9781921529962
For ages: 7 +
Type: Junior Fiction