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Friday 18 May 2012

Review: Sophie Scott Goes South

Sophie is going to work with her dad, a ship's captain on an Icebreaker. Their voyage will take them to Mawson Station in Antarctica and back, an amazing journey for anyone let alone a nine-year-old girl. Sophie is nervous and excited and she doesn't want to forget a thing, so she takes a diary with her to record all the amazing things that she sees and learns on her trip.

With everything from whales and penguins to icebergs and the southern lights, Sophie shares her amazing adventure in the pages of this enjoyable picture book by popular Australian author and Australian Children's Laureate, Alison Lester.

Sophie Scott Goes South is a wonderful travel story for children, sharing all the amazing sights and experiences of Antarctica. As with Lester's beloved picture book Are We There Yet?, the story is a fascinating combination of information and adventure, bringing the wonders of this remote and intriguing location into the homes and hands of children.

Sophie includes all sorts of information in her diary. She describes the Icebreaker Aurora Australis (including a diagram and photos of the ship), finds familiar shapes and images in the icebergs and even experiences a blizzard. Illustrations are a combination of drawings and other artworks as well as a generous selection of photographs takes by Lester during her own journey to Antarctica in 2005.

Younger readers will enjoy the many drawings and pictures, while older children will be fascinated by the details of Sophie's journey. Parents might even find that they learn a thing or two as they share this story with their children and enjoy the wonder of Antarctica from a child's view point.

Title: Sophie Scott Goes South
Author/Illustrator: Alison Lester 
Publisher: Viking (Penguin), $29.965 RRP
Publication Date: 23 May 2012
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780670880683
For ages: 5+ years
Type: Picture book