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- author Jackie French

Thursday 17 May 2012

Year 4 Literacy Class Review: Sometimes Love Is Under Your Foot


Sometimes Love Is Under Your Foot written and illustrated by Colin Thompson, $33.65 Scholastic Australia 2008

This picture book is about learning to appreciate someone who loves you. The main characters are Brian, a man who works at King Of Pies and Kevin, Brian’s dog.

Brian ignores Kevin until Brian starts to get ill. He realises that Kevin is more than just an old silly dog. He needs to appreciate Kevin a bit more. The part that made me laugh was when it said Kevin Loves Brian so much he thinks he is God!

My favourite part is when Brian comes down stairs, picks up Kevin and stares at the moon. I thought it would be sad all the way through but it had a happy ending. It was a great picture book for people 9+. The book is also good for people who love dogs and understand love.

The illustrations are done with pencil and water colour. The pictures set a sad mood at the beginning but as you read on they get happier. This is helped by the pictures starting off dull and getting lighter as you read on. The pictures are funny at the same time as being sad.

- by Abby, age 10