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- author Jackie French

Thursday 17 May 2012

Year 4 Literacy Class Review: Star Navigator

Star Navigator by Allan Baillie and Wayne Harris, 1997, ABC Books, $19.95, not published anymore.

A story about a star navigator that needs to rescue a crippled freighter from the depths of the galaxy, can he make it? Zooming through space the star navigator leads the fleet to gather precious materials to save the crew of the freighter. Many dangers await star navigator Bryan Hanrahan.

Bryan is the main character, his pet, which came from his purple breakfast egg on Antares, is Styg. Styg likes tasting everyone he meets even though Bryan tells him not to. Styg is a green small alien with a long tongue.

The admiral is a brown alien with four short stubby horns in a line on his head, the engineer a green alien with yellow eyes and big ears looks a bit like a goblin. The cook looks a bit like a bull with two noses, his two ears each have three earrings. The technician has yellow skin and his two big blue eyes and he looks a bit like a woman. The crew of the many ships come from many different planets and galaxies.

Bryan comes from and lives on Earth but when the call comes he is willing to fly into space.

This picture book has illustrations that show the story’s details and even help telling the story, because the dry brush acrylic gives a spacy effect and makes the ships and aliens look realistic. Star Navigator is a good fantasy book for kids who like sci-fi and are between the ages of 6-8 years.

- by David, age 10