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- author Jackie French

Thursday 17 May 2012

Year 4 Literacy Class Review: The Red Tree

The Red Tree by Shaun Tan, $29.99 Published by Lothian Books

Do you ever feel gloomy? The little girl in this book feels upset and gloomy. She has orange hair and it makes her stand out. I think the illustrator gave her orange hair because it shows she is different. She is the main character in this book and she doesn’t have a name. (I don’t think that matters!)

My favourite part of this book is when the girl has a bad day and comes back to where she started, in her bedroom and she feels better. It shows that you can bounce back again. The illustrations are painted and help by setting the girl’s gloomy mood. I liked this book because of the great pictures and they have great detail in them. I felt like I was looking through the girl’s eyes. It was a great feeling.

The message of this story is think positive. The Red Tree is a picture book for 6+ year olds.

- by Eleanor, age 10