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Thursday 5 July 2012

Review: The Jelly That Wouldn't Wobble

If you have a silly side, and let's face it who doesn't, then this is the book for you. I could imagine John Cleese from Monty Python reading this out to me or that is who was narrating in my head anyway.

I confess this book had me at the image of Princess Lolly wearing a badge that said "I rule". I am a sucker for any sort of literal humour.

It is Princess Lolly's 89th birthday. She wriggles impatiently on her throne for her party.
And her special jelly.

The cook carries it in to an excited Princess who gasps with delight. He excitement is suddenly squashed however when she prods the jelly.
She prods it again.

After more prodding by both the Princess and the cook, the now very alarmed Princess cries "This jelly doesn't wobble!"

And then it begins.

"I. SAY. THIS. JELLY. DOESN'T. WOBBLE!" Screeches the Princess. Her voice now wobbling more than the jelly itself.

Every one is in a state of shock. What to do? They look over at the jelly. Who is grimacing. "I don't WANT to be eaten!"

The princess, the cook and the very hungry guests, who have now arrived, are in shock. What should they do?
Melt it? No, too messy.
Rock the table? No that didn't work.
Scare it? That didn't work either.

The jelly simply REFUSED to wobble. His little jelly face is scrunched into a frown.


Then the smallest guest of all speaks up. "I know how to make it wobble."

What do you think he does? How would YOU make that stubborn jelly wobble?

Funny, silly, bold and fun. This book is good for giggles. The illustrations are so wonderful, my heart almost went out to the cranky jelly.

An absolute joy.

Title: The Jelly That Wouldn't Wobble
Author: Angela Mitchell
Illustrator: Sarah Horne
Publisher: Maverick Books , $14.99 RRP
Publication Date: May 2012
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781848860797
For ages: 3-7 years
Type: Picture Book