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Friday 6 July 2012

Review: Revived

Daisy has died five times.

As a test subject for a top-secret government wonder drug called Revive, Daisy has to regularly relocate and change identity to avoid suspicion. Late night escapes to a new town used to be exciting, but now Daisy wishes that she could have a normal life where she could relax and be herself without worrying about giving away her big secret.

As Daisy’s frustrations build she gets careless and drops her guard resulting in a new best friend with a cute brother. But secrets have a way of coming to the surface and Daisy is about to discover that she isn’t the only one with something to hide.

Revived is a thrilling YA novel, a wonderful combination of suspense and thoughtful storytelling. While the possibility that Daisy’s secret will be discovered and the sinister figure in the background manipulating her life keep pages turning, the relationships in the story and Daisy’s longing to connect with others are what remain with readers once the story is over.

Daisy’s desire to be genuine and honest with her new friends conflicts with her need for secrecy and she is forced to confront some challenging issues as the novel progresses. She must consider the ethics of the secrets that make the Revive project possible and deal with the consequences of both keeping secrets from those she cares about and discovering that they are keeping secrets from her.

Revived entertains as well as inviting readers to think about deeper issues such as our human need to be connected, the way that relationships and friendships can alter our perspective on what is really important, and the damage that can be done by one person who believes that the good of many is worth the suffering of a few. The pace of the story moves quickly, but there is depth and complexity that ensures that the novel will linger with readers.

Cat Patrick is one of my favourite YA authors. I thoroughly enjoyed by Revived and her debut novel Forgotten and I am looking forward to more from this talented young author in the future.

Title:  Revived
Author:  Cat Patrick
Publisher: Hardie Grant Books, $22.95 RRP
Publication Date:  2nd April 2012
Format:  Paperback
ISBN:  9781921690631
For ages:  12+ years
Type: Young adult fiction