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Monday 12 November 2012

ebook Review: The Very Itchy Bear

Bear has been cranky and Bear has been hungry and now, thanks to Flea, Bear is itchy and he isn’t impressed at all.

Big is big and Flea is very small, but when Flea says ‘Hello’ by biting Bear high and low, Bear just wants Flea to go away.

The iPad version of this picture book adds an extra element of fun to what is already a very enjoyable story with a range of interactive illustrations, challenges, sound effects and the facility to record your own voice telling the story.

Nick Bland’s illustrations are already incredibly warm and appealing and the facility for young readers to make the characters move and wiggle will definitely result in smiles and giggles. My own children are moving past the years of picture books, but we all had fun looking through this ebook and were particularly entertained by making Bear swim faster and faster as he goes in search of Flea.

The story is easy to navigate. Interaction with the illustrations is fun without being intrusive and the ability to record your own voice telling the story (on compatible devices) offers the opportunity for kids to really get involved in the drama of the tale and make it their own.

There is a Build a Boat mini-game as well as a special interactive feature unlocked when children find all the native Australian flowers scattered throughout the story illustrations. The ebook is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can find details of compatible software versions and other details at The Very Itchy Bear on iTunes. You can also watch the book trailer on YouTube.

I love this series for its humour and for the wonderfully appealing illustrations. The Very Itchy Bear ebook has the extra element of interaction that will help to draw in reluctant readers as well as simply entertain.

Title:  The Very Itchy Bear
Author/Illustrator:  Nick Bland
Produced by: We are Wheelbarrow, $4.49 RRP (from iTunes)
For ages:  4+
Type: ebook, Picture book