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Tuesday 6 November 2012

Ponies Ponies Ponies with Bernadette Kelly

Pony books are without doubt some of the most popular amongst girls and - in celebration of this year's Melbourne Cup - we are taking a look at the books of one of KBR's favourite pony-loving authors, Bernadette Kelly.

Bernadette's Pony Patch series (Black Dog Books) is aimed at 5- to 8-year-olds and features a naughty and truly hilarious pony who delights in causing trouble for his incredibly patient owner, Molly Baxter. My young daughter was laughing out loud at Norton's antics - and you can read my take on Naughty Norton right here.

Bernadette's Riding High series, (also Black Dog Books), aimed at older readers (around 7 - 12), features the equine exploits of pony-loving Annie Boyd, an enthusiastic member of the Ridgeview Pony Club. Kelly has created a warm, likeable central character that girls will readily relate to - and the author adds plenty of drama and interesting plot twists to her fabulous pony tales. A deep and personal love of horses shines through in this gorgeous series.

You can see my review of Balancing Act here.

(Leap of Faith and Heads or Tails are the US versions.)
Learn more about Bernadette and her wonderful books at www.bernadettekelly.com.au, and stay tuned for 12 Curly Questions with Bernadette later today!

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