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- author Jackie French

Saturday 1 December 2012

15 Reasons to Read a Book with Davide Cali

KBR is absolutely thrilled to take part in a very special 15 Reasons to Read a Book pictorial by talented author Davide Cali, brought to you by the good people at Wilkins Farago publishers.

Every day, from 1 to 15 December, we will be posting a glorious {and quite kooky} photograph of Davide and his 15 very spesh reasons why we should all be rushing out to snaffle and dive into a book.

Here is Reason No.1. From here on in, you'll find another 14 reasons posted in our sidebar - we hope you enjoy them as much as we have {you will also see each image added to this post - below - as the fortnight wears on}.

My Book Corner will be simultaneously publishing these images. Make sure you take time to check them out, too.

And if you need reading inspiration or some great Christmas gift ideas, be sure to head to the Wilkins Fargo website and check out their latest book catalogue - you won't be disappointed. WF books are some of our very favourites here on KBR.

Happy reading! {not that you need an excuse . . . }