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- author Jackie French

Sunday 2 December 2012

ebook review: Lola and Lucy's Big Adventure

Lucy and Lola are two lovely English Bulldogs who live with the Baxter family in Vermont, USA. They could not imagine wanting to do anything else but spend their days playing with Janie and Dale, the Baxter children, until one day at the park, an Australian Shepherd a tells them - “A dog without a job is no dog at all!”

The encounter leaves Lucy and Lola determined to find out what kind of dogs they are, and what their job is. Soon they discover that, as English Bulldogs, they are bred to help farmers by holding bulls by their nose. And so, Lucy and Lola embark on a cross-country quest to discover their destiny.

Along the way they meet a barrage of characters and have a number of adventures. This is where the true interactivity of this ebook is showcased. Each adventure combines an exciting mini game where the reader captures butterflies or chases Dobermans.

This story is wonderfully illustrated and Lucy and Lola are adorable, playful pups that stick together adventure through adventure, determined to complete their mission. The greatest appeal of the book is that it combines sound, colour and movement together with a heart-warming storyline that appeals to even the youngest of audiences.

The navigation is easy and intuitive. My three-year-old son was able to follow the story and steer through the application by himself. He loved to uncover the surprises and especially liked the noises the animals make.

The 29 interactive story screens will keep children entertained while they follow Lucy and Lola on their mission to find a bull, only to discover their true purpose in life is to be with and love their human family. This book is bound to be a success with readers of all ages as it provides the option of a narrated picture book and an on-screen text option for older self-readers.

I thoroughly enjoyed following the story. I loved watching my son interact with the pages and uncover surprises along the way.

This ebook is accessible through the iTunes app store. The first six pages can be downloaded for free and the entire book is available for $4.99. I highly recommend giving this book a go. It is a wonderful story of friendship, adventure and finding your way home.

Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games is released by Pinkerton Road and is available on iTunes for $4.99. Suitable for kids 4 and up.