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Friday 24 May 2013

Review: Lunchbox - The Story of Your Food

Who made the bread for your sandwich? What about the cheese slice? Who picked the fruit and where did the chocolate in your biscuit come from?

It would be easy for many young children, born and raised within large towns and cities, to think that the journey of their food starts and ends at their local supermarket.

Lunchbox: The Story of Your Food is a fun and informative look at a variety of foods that young children will be familiar with, following their journey from the source through to the final stages before appearing on the supermarket shelves. The book focuses on seven common items: bread, cheese, tomatoes, apple, carrot, chocolate chips (in choc chip biscuits) and clementines (a type of mandarin).

With appealing pictures and interesting snippets of information, this book offers a basic outline of the processes involved in producing our food. The style and content is suitable for introducing young children (preschool and kindergarten age) to the concept that their foods come from a variety of sources. The book also emphasises the importance of a balanced diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables.

Title: Lunchbox: The Story of Your Food
Author: Chris Butterworth
Illustrator: Lucia Gaggiotti
Publisher: Walker Books, $19.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 February 2011
Format: Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781406319934
For ages: 5 - 7 
Type: Junior Non-Fiction