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- author Jackie French

Saturday 25 May 2013

Review: Little Rabbit Lost

It's Little Rabbit's birthday and, to celebrate, his family are taking him to Rabbit World! Holding on to his red balloon, Little Rabbit leads the way — after all, he's a big rabbit now! — ignoring the calls of his mother and father to not get too far in front.

He runs past the pirate ship and the carrot speedboats. He wants to go on the climbing frame and the big swings, but he's too small. And he won't go on the helter-skelter because that's for babies. Then he sees the Big Hopper … but oh no, he's too small for that as well, so instead he has to stand and watch while his family zooms past on it.

Anyone with a young child won't be surprised by what happens next … Little Rabbit gets bored and wanders off. And before long, he's lost. Suddenly he feels as small as he really is. He asks for help, but no one knows where his mama is. And then, through the crowd, he hears his mother's voice — she's found him by following his red balloon! Little Rabbit is so happy that his tears of sorrow turn to tears of joy. And he realises that perhaps it's wise to stay close to your parents, after all.

This simply told story is one of several delightful Little Rabbit tales that all deal sensitively with issues young children encounter, such as starting school or welcoming a new little brother or sister into the family. Their award-winning creator, Harry Horse, sadly died in 2007, but has left behind a legacy of children's books that are sure to enchant young readers for many years to come.

Title: Little Rabbit Lost
Author/Illustrator: Harry Horse
Publisher: Puffin Books, $14.99 RRP
Publication Date: March 2003
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780140568516
For ages: 3–7
Type: Picture Book