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Sunday 2 June 2013

Review: Fire Engine is Flashing (Busy Wheels)

The alarm at the fire station is ringing. The foxes scramble into Fire Engine and get ready to go. This is an emergency!

Filled with the sounds, sights and movements of a fire engine responding to an emergency, Fire Engine is Flashing is an exciting picture book for toddlers and preschoolers explaining how a fire fighting team respond when the fire alarm rings at the station.

Fox and his team dress in their fire fighting gear and quickly drive the fire engine through the streets to get to the fire. Once there, they organise their equipment to keep everyone safe and even rescue a lady from the top floor of the burning building.

Part of the Busy Wheels series, Fire Engine is Flashing captures the sense of urgency and excitement of the fire fighting team responding to an emergency. This book is sure to appeal to young readers interested in cars, trucks and emergency vehicles.

Other books in the Busy Wheels series include Tractor Saves the Day, Racing Car is Roaring, and Digger to the Rescue, all by Mandy Archer with colourful illustrations by Martha Lightfoot.

Title: Fire Engine is Flashing (Busy Wheels)
Author: Mandy Archer
Illustrator: Martha Lightfoot
Publisher: Scholastic, $ RRP
Publication Date: January 2013
Format: Soft cover
ISBN: 9781742835105
For ages: 3 - 5
Type: Picture Book