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Sunday 8 September 2013

Review: Pete McGee and the Master of Darkness

One of our masters of comedy writing is back with the third book and final book (or is it?) in the fabulous Pete McGee (the one-armed knight) series.

I loved the first two books in this hilarious series, about a one-armed knight tasked with saving those he loves and finding the famed Wilderene Flower--a bloom known for its life-giving magic.

So far, Pete has saved his mum's life, thwarted an evil King, fallen in love, pulverised some zombie knights and generally triumphed over tragedy.

In Book Three--The Master of Darkness--Pete meets his worst foe yet. The Master of Darkness. But not only that, there's Bob. Bob the Blob. An evil, squidgy, beanbag-like creation released from its cell of woe, and UNleashed onto Pete. You will be quite simply terrified.

It's hard to decide which Pete McGee book I like best, but I must admit this third book had me laughing--or at the very least, harrumphing--on almost every page. I simply adore the Wallace Wit and writing style; and this read is a sail-through of action and tongue-in-cheek evil, with strong characters, a dastardly evil protagonist that's almost Austin Powers in his manner and hilarity, and a lovely chug of romance.

The lovely subplots of Ashlyn and Marloynne's wedding and the friendship jostling between Smithers and Malloy, are all topped off with a divine Bridezilla moment women will relate to. And I simply adore the snappy ending, when we discover the fate of Green Book.

Brilliant stuff. Such a shame Wallace is drawing closed the noose on this series.

Or is he? (queue ominous music)

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Note: the publisher has listed this book as Young Adult fiction, however its content is more middle fiction, with mild mature concepts. Best suited for kids 11+.

Title: Pete McGee and the Master of Darkness
Author: Adam Wallace

Publisher: JoJo Publishing, $14.99 RRP
Publication Date: 30 June 2013
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780987463562
For ages: 11+
Type: Middle Fiction