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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Shout Out: Saurus Street Books 5 and 6

The next two books in the fabulous Saurus Street series are out this month from Random House ($12.95, 9780857981820 and 9780857981844). Books 5 and 6 are sure to delight your dino-loving kids. Saurus Street is just like any other street . . . except for the dinosaurs!

Saurus Street 5: A Plesiosaur Broke My Bathtub 

Saurus Street 6: A Diplodocus Trampled My Teepee

Thomas's grandparents house is ancient. There's no electricity, and the toilet is a creaky old cabin outside. Thomas is terrified of that toilet. There's something down there . . .

And when Thomas gets too close and falls down the hole, he discovers a secret that will change Saurus Street forever.

Plunging pterosaurs, squiggling squid and massive meteors are all part of the greatest adventure since the Cretaceous period!

Other books in the series:

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