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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Review: Busy Wheels series

Four new books have come out together in the Busy Wheels series for pre-school children. This is a terrific collection that showcases specific vehicles, their use, where and when they are needed, and the significant parts they are made up of. They follow the same design, but use different animal characters for each title.

Monster Truck Mountain Rescue’s mice are preparing to compete in an obstacle race. All the safety equipment is addressed, and although they win the race, all is not over. The monster truck is needed for something important. Here an alternate use for the truck is found when it’s called upon to clear away a road block and save a climber. (KBR review)

Dumper Truck Dash has the beavers trying to clear the site of the fire-damaged Town Hall in preparation for the building of a new one. But an accident causes the beavers to takes another course of action.

In Ambulance in Action the meerkat crew are called to an accident and we view every aspect of what is required from the crew, and how they go about their duties.

Police Car on Patrol shows the cats trying to catch a thief and how they thwart his devious attempts to escape capture.

This series has all the necessary elements of a good kid’s book: fantastic eye-catching covers, suspense, action, a good storyline and a well–rounded ending. They contain detailed information about the components of each vehicle, something that children (especially boys) thirst after to satisfy their curiosity. 

I found these books quite valuable as learning tools due to the variety of new words that appear within the text. The full colour illustrations are large with bold lines and words to learn are featured in bold text.

Title: Busy Wheels series:
Monster Truck Mountain Rescue
Dumper Truck Dash
Ambulance in Action
Police Car on Patrol
Author: Peter Bently
Illustrator: Martha Lightfoot
Publisher: Scholastic Australia, $9.99 RRP
Publication Date: December 2013
Format: Paperback
97811743620458 (Monster Truck Mountain Rescue)
9781743620441 (Dumper Truck Dash)
9781743620465 (Ambulance in Action)
9781743620472 (Police Car on Patrol)
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book