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- author Jackie French

Monday 10 February 2014

Review: The Chicken Thief

Bear, Rabbit and Rooster live happily in the woods with three hens and a bunch of chickens, but everything changes when a fox steals one of the chickens.

Bear, Rabbit and Rooster race through the woods, deep into the darkness, determined to rescue their beloved Chicken. Day turns into night and night to day, but the distance between the Chicken Thief and his pursuers remains. Along the journey, we see how tenderly Fox cradles Chicken in his arms.

While Bear, Rabbit and Rooster continue their frantic rescue bids, Fox and Chicken settle into a rather comfortable life together.

So much is said without a single written word. Dilemmas are outlined, the emotions of different characters is clear and an air of suspense is palpable. How far would you go to rescue a friend? What if they don’t want to be rescued after all? While The Chicken Thief will be enjoyed at one level by many pre-schoolers, the layers of meaning embedded in each page will allow readers of all ages to glean messages according to their life experience.

The Chicken Thief is a delightful variation on comic book format without actually being a comic book. (Heart broken, cowardly Rooster is my favourite. He’s adorable).

Title: The Chicken Thief
Author/ Illustrator: BĂ©atrice Rodriguez
Publisher: Gecko Press, $24.99 RRP
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781877467318
For ages: 3-103
Type: Picture Book