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- author Jackie French

Thursday 1 May 2014

Creating a Welcome--Thank You

Kid’s Book Review, in conjunction with children’s author Anna Branford, spent the month of April offering some incredible sale items, all in support of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), a community organisation working directly with asylum seekers to provide basic necessities such as food, housing, healthcare and legal assistance.

A band of very generous, special people donated their wares, from signed books to original artwork, school visits and massive book lots. And another lot of very generous people bought these items (almost all sold) for a grand total sum of over $5700.

We are absolutely delighted with this sum, 100% of which has gone to the ASRC, but we could not have done this without your support, so ...

THANK YOU to all those who donated and all those who purchased. Your kindness will help a group of people in immense need. We are proud to be affiliated with such gorgeous, compassionate people who have a deep understanding of human rights, despite the political overhang, and we can't thank you enough for your aid.

We all need a nest to call our own.

Don't miss the sensational fundraising market Anna has organised in Melbourne this Saturday 3 May. See the poster below, and be sure to visit Creating a Welcome Facebook Page.

Photo: If you are in Melbourne, or know anyone in Melbourne, or know anyone who knows anyone who is in Melbourne and might be interested in some beautiful handmade things being sold in support of asylum seekers...well, we would be most awfully grateful if you would share our poster. In fact, we will send you good wishes all day long! 

Our poster has been created by the slightly splendiferous illustrator Kate Kingsmill! You can find more of her brilliant work here: http://katekingsmill.com/