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- author Jackie French

Thursday 1 May 2014

Review: Little Chef Big Curse

Matty Swink lives under the sink in Fenella Finch’s disgusting Diner. He dreams of becoming a famous chef, but instead, he scrapes the dregs and grease off her revolting pots and plates.

One day the King of Yurp announces a Grand Cook-Off . Anyone who creates a dish that Princess Meg can’t refuse will become the new Royal Chef. Too easy? Think again. There’s a distinct lack of ingredients, some meddling Moon Mice and the dreaded Fenella Finch standing in Matty Swink’s way, not to mention a 500-year-old curse.

Is the kingdom of Yurp doomed or can Mathew Swink cook up a storm big enough to dissolve the ancient curse and does that nagging itch at the back of his memory hold something important?

Get ready for a bit of ridiculous and a lot of surprises when you dive into Little Chef Big Curse. It’s a lot of fun, in a crazy, fantastical sort of way.

Title: Little Chef Big Curse
Tilney Cotton
Publisher: Scholastic, $16.99
Publication Date: February 2014
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781742832692
For ages: 7-9
Type: Junior Fiction, Middle Fiction