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Friday 11 July 2014

KBR Short Story: Bad Dreams

by Jackie Hosking

Oh please excuse me Mum and Dad
it seems I’ve had a dream
But not the type to make you smile
the type to make you scream

I’ve turned my pillow over
and I’ve switched on every light
I’ve had a drink of water
and I’ve hugged my teddy tight

I’m feeling slightly threatened
In fact I’m quite afraid
I’ve tossed and turned and now I find
my bed has been unmade

I wonder if you’d help me
to straighten up my cover
Then tell a tale of pirates and the
loot that they discover

Perhaps you’d sing a lullaby
To chase away the night
and all the scary creatures
bound to stiffen me with fright

I’d really find it useful
if you’d rub my back and head
There’s nothing quite as soothing
as a massage while in bed

If I could interrupt you
(I see you’re fast asleep)
I’d very much appreciate
assistance with this feat

It’s not that I’m a baby
but running down the hall
It suddenly occurred to me
that nightmares scare us all

And so I really must insist
I’ll shout until I’m blue
If you don’t come and tuck me in
I’m sleeping next to you!

Jackie's favourite number is 17. Her favourite colour is blue. She loves rhyme and meter and her favourite month is July because that's when her picture book, The Croc and the Platypus is being released ... on the first of July, 1st July, 1/7, 17 - spooky! Visit Jackie’s blog for details about her writing, rhyming manuscript editing service or PASS IT ON - www.jackiehoskingblog.wordpress.com

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