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Tuesday 26 August 2014

12 Curly Questions with author Kylie Fornasier

1.Tell us something hardly anyone knows about you.
When I was growing up, I wanted to be Madonna. I basically taught myself to read by studying the lyrics to her songs. Ironically, I’m terrible at singing.

2. What is your nickname?
I don’t really have a nickname. I hate Kyles, so please don’t call me that! My dad used to call me Miss Winnie when I was a kid, but I don’t know why. My brother used to call me Boney when I was a teenager. But now everyone just calls me Kylie. Or Miss at school. 

3. What is your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is loosing my teeth. I have a re-occurring dream of loosing my teeth in the strangest of ways and it’s terrifying.

4. Describe your writing style in ten words.
My style changes like the wind but always has heart.

5. Tell us five positive words that describe you as a writer.
Passionate, dedicated, hard-working, pyjama-wearing.

6. What book character would you be, and why?
The Hungry Caterpillar because I like eating and after stuffing myself I’d get to turn into a butterfly!

7. If you could time travel, what year would you go to and why?
1750, Venice, of course.

8. What would your ten-year-old self say to you now?
Listen to your teacher (because now I’m a primary school teacher!)

9. Who is your greatest influence?
My parents.

10. What/who made you start writing?
Every book I read as a child and teenager made me love words and want to write. I have my parents to thank for taking me to the library every week and for loving books too.

11. What is your favourite word and why?
At the moment it’s heinous. I was recently down at Thredbo and the guy working in the ski shop used this word and it was so random and cool, so I‘ve started using it.

12. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde.

Kylie Fornasier is a Sydney-based author of books for children and teens. Her debut YA novel, Masquerade (KBR review), is published by Penguin Books Australia. Visit Kylie's website and Facebook page for more information about her writing and events.

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