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Saturday 27 December 2014

Review: One Big Pair of Underwear

One Big Pair of Underwear is a funny counting book for older kids. It’s got rhyme and is filled with tongue-twisting sentences. Try wrapping yourself around this one for starters: Three seals steal a set of wheels.

There are plenty of animals doing wacky things to count, too: goats in cars, cows on jet skis, and hippos cooking.

At its heart there’s also a sharing theme. The single pair of underwear in the book’s title is argued over at first by two brown bears who both want to wear the underwear, but they soon try sharing it instead.

Other animals who had trouble sharing things like snacks, books and musical instruments, eventually follow the example set by the bears. They all “learn to count and share … from one big pair of underwear!”

A cast of kooky characters and an important message make this an entertaining reading experience.

Title: One Big Pair of Underwear
Author: Laura Gehl
Illustrator: Tom Lichtenheld
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, $19.99 RRP
Publication Date: November 2014
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781442453364
For ages: 4-8
Type: Picture book