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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 31 March 2015

10 Quirky Questions with author Katrina Germein

1. What's your hidden talent?
Koala spotting - although it’s not really hidden because I post pictures on Instagram every Sunday. I’m not sure that it’s a talent either, because koalas don’t move much so they’re easily spotted.

2. Who is your favourite literary villain and why?
The big bad wolf because he likes to keep us guessing; just when you think you know what he’s up to he goes and does something different.

3. You're hosting a literary dinner party, which five authors would you invite? (alive or dead)
Are airfares included? I’d like to invite interstate friends because I don’t get to see them enough – Rosemary Sullivan, Trudie Trewin, Karen Collum and Kat Apel. I’d use the fifth space for a dead person because, well, you offered, and I think it would be kind of cool to have a ghost at the party. So maybe, Maurice Sendak.

4. Which literary invention do you wish was real?
Duck feet - I wish that I had them.

5. What are five words that describe your writing process?
Don’t really have a process.

6. Which are the five words you would like to be remembered by as a writer?
Katrina wrote with her heart.

7. Picture your favourite writing space. What are five objects you would find there?
Cup of tea, computer, notebook, pen, cat. In real life I only have the first four.

8. Grab the nearest book, open it to page 22 and look for the second word in the first sentence. Now, write a line that starts with that word. (Please include the name of the book!)

She liked to surround herself with beautiful picture books.

The word is she. The sentence is And she came. It’s from Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson and it happens to be a beautiful picture book.

9. If you could ask one author one question, what would the question be and who would you ask?
Maurice Sendak: What’s it like being a ghost at my imaginary dinner party?

10. Which would you rather do: 'Never write another story or never read another book'?
I’d keep reading books and tell stories in other ways instead.

Katrina Germein is a well-known Australian picture book author whose books include Big Rain Coming, My Dad Thinks He's Funny (KBR review) and Little Dog (KBR review). Her latest picture book, Thunderstorm Dancing, is illustrated by Judy Watson and published by Allen & Unwin. Visit Katrina's website and Facebook page for more information on her books and author events.