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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 31 March 2015

Review: Thunderstorm Dancing

Sometimes, when you read the text for a book, you feel an inherent connection with words that were so purely designed for children. For the way they think, feel and respond.

There's something about the word choice, the rhythm, the concepts--that make it oh so scrumptious for the ears of little ones. And Katrina Germein does this oh so well.
Something is coming. Shh. Can you hear it? It's moving closer. It's near. It's close now. Building and running. Please stay beside me.

Whoosh! Thump! Boom! Crack! Lightning, thunder, wind and rain, lashing the rooftops of the beach house. Mummy runs to usher the chooks into their hen house. Daddy gathers us up and swings us around. Grandpa stamps and slams and claps with the thrill of it all--that glorious energy that is the thunderstorm.

Since having children of my own, I've taught them to delight in storms. To harness that majestic energy, run with the wind, dance with the thunder. Katrina and I must be climatic soul mates. She, too, takes her family of energetic characters and runs them with the wind, tumbles them through the clouds and twirls and taps them to the thunderstorm beat.

This is a vibrant, high-energy and love-filled book. You want to dive into its pages and dance alongside this fabulous family, as they rollick and romp about. Judy Watson's superb illustrations hoist the energy of the text and fling it on high, pulling the reader along at a breathtaking pace. I particularly loved the suspense-building beach scenes.

As the storyline begins to wind down, I was touched by the appearance of Granny--it actually brought a tear to my eye--and the nicely-paced and sweet ending will make kids smile.

Goosebumplng. Scrumptious. Grab your galoshes. And your dancing shoes.

Title: Thunderstorm Dancing
Author: Katrina Germein
Illustrator: Judy Watson
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $24.99 RRP
Publication Date: 1 April 2015
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781743314593
For ages: 2 - 8
Type: Picture Book