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- author Jackie French

Saturday 16 May 2015

Review: The Greatest Gatsby - A Visual Book of Grammar

Another astonishing book by the formidable Tohby Riddle, I was having small paroxysms of grammatical delight while flicking through this beautifully-designed book.

I simply adore the way Riddle uses multi-media elements in his books, and this one is no exception--utter eye-candy--and beautifully-chosen and placed typography, to boot.

But of course, there is the content to consider, too, and this is both rich and cleverly-done, taking advanced grammatical concepts (that many adults would battle with) and presenting them in a visual way that unravels the grammar comprehension issues that plague so many.

I do feel that the target age group set for this book is a little older than stated by the publisher, particularly when it comes to the initial, more advanced concepts in the book. I would instead recommend it for slightly older kids. And can I just say that many an adult would benefit from its contents, too!

Wonderful stuff. And yes, I know that was a sentence fragment.

Title: The Greatest Gatsby - A Visual Book of Grammar
Author/Illustrator: Tohby Riddle
Publisher: Viking, $24.99 RRP
Publication Date: 25 March 2015
Format: Flexibound
ISBN: 9780670078684
For ages: 7 - 10
Type: Information, Junior Non-Fiction