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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Review: Tony Baroni Loves Macaroni

Delightful and brilliantly portrayed, this is a sweet story about Tony, a little boy whose food preferences were few. He knew what he liked, liked what he ate, but it was always the same thing - macaroni and cheese. Nonna tried tempting him with delicious combinations of vegetables and other pasta without success.

Having experienced a child that sticks to what they know and like without ever wanting to try anything new, I know exactly how desperate Nonna feels! But how does Tony Baroni move away from his macaroni and cheese?

Tastefully illustrated by Lucie Crovatto, the full page pictures and double spreads encompass so much more story than the simple, lively text alludes to. The muted colours are enhanced by the periodic vibrant flashes of red tomatoes, bright red flowers on Nonna’s dress, or a decoration on a bowl.

This book is a prime example of the perfect union between writer and illustrator. A quality production, it has a jacket identical to the cover which displays on a bold red background, Tony Baroni and the mountain of macaroni that is his daily intake. The various types of pasta are listed at the back of the book accompanied by pictures, and are also showcased on the stunning end pages. There is also a list of Mealtime Activities.

I can see this book being shared by anxious mothers and carers with the hope it will influence finicky eaters to at least try different food.

Title: Tony Baroni Loves Macaroni
Author: Marilyn Sadler
Illustrator: Lucie Crovatto
Publisher: Newsouth Books, $18.99 RRP
Publication Date: April 2015
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781609052935
For ages: 4+
Type: Picture Book