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Saturday 5 September 2015

Blog Tour: 10 Quirky Questions with author Rachael Craw

Kids' Book Review is delighted to welcome author Rachael Craw to celebrate the launch of Stray, the second book in the fabulous Spark trilogy. Make sure you check out the other stops on the Stray Blog Tour listed below.

1. What's your hidden talent?
I sing beautifully.

2. Who is your favourite literary villain?

3. You're hosting a literary dinner party, which five authors would you invite?
Margaret Atwood, Patrick Ness, Maggie Stiefvater, Kate Atkinson, Elizabeth Knox.

4. Which literary invention do you wish was real?

5. What are five words that describe your writing process?
Burning, dreaming, questioning, birthing, crafting.

6. Which are the five words you would like to be remembered by as a writer?
My writing: visceral, vivid, captivating, evocative, lyrical.

7. Picture your favourite writing space. What are five objects you would find there?
Ergonomic chair and footrest (please! I need both!), desk (also necessary), remote monitor (think of my neck), sunshine, dog.

8. Grab the nearest book, open it to page 22 and look for the second word in the first sentence. Now, write a line that starts with that word. (Please include the name of the book!)
Ha! The word is ‘love’ and it just so happens to be from Stray. I will cheat and give you the whole line: “I love his low urgent voice, the way his eyes get all intense, the vertical creases forming above the strong line of his nose, the concern parting his lips …”

9. If you could ask one author one question, what would the question be and who would you ask?
I would ask Sarah J Maas if I could be her beta reader.

10. Which would you rather do: 'Never write another story or never read another book'?
I would rather be stabbed in the leg with a pencil.

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