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Sunday 6 September 2015

Review: Daddy Cuddle

It’s early morning, but little Bunny is awake. Obviously Dad needs to wake up too. “Daddy up? Daddy ball? Daddy bike?” Bunny is ready to play, but Daddy is still fast asleep. How long will it take for Daddy to wake up and join in the fun?

This sweet story by Kate Mayes accompanied by soft, gorgeous illustrations by Sarah Acton, sets a familiar scene for many parents. The parent (in this case the father) is fast asleep, but an energetic toddler is ready for the day to start. When Bunny finally manages to wake up Daddy, clever Daddy gets Bunny to join him for a cuddle and a story, delaying the need to get out of bed.

I enjoyed the building tension and pace as Bunny comes up with an ever growing list of things to try to tempt Daddy into getting out of bed, and the wonderfully warm and affection-filled conclusion to the story. As always, Sara Acton’s illustrations are gentle and inviting and they complement the story beautifully.

Author Kate Mayes has previously published under the penname Ruthie May. Her previous titles include Count my Kisses, Little OneCount my Christmas Kisses and Stew a Cockatoo.

Title: Daddy Cuddle
Author: Kate Mayes
Illustrator: Sara Acton
Publisher: ABC Books, $19.99 RRP
Publication Date: 1 August 2015
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780733334054
For ages: 0-5
Type: Picture Book