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- author Jackie French

Friday 29 April 2016

Review: The Giant Game of Sculpture

Herve Tullet must be having an absolute ball producing these organically-created, effulgently artistic books for kids.

This latest creation stands over 40cm tall, and bills itself as a game of sculpture, where kids can take a seemingly large-format book and use it to fashion a wonderful 3D sculpture.

The 'book' opens into a concertina spread, with cut-outs and pop-out shapes that children can remove and re-insert in innovative ways.
Children can also insert their own items--pieces of card, paper, sticks, paper rolls, cloth--all manner of craft items, before taking it all down and starting over again.

Made of sturdy card and with plenty of peekholes, The Giant Game of Sculpture will keep little ones engaged for hours--either in a home setting or in childcare centres. They could even use the structure as a mini-fort, or use it in play with their dolls, teddies, cars and other toys.

Yet another wonderful tullet-tastic way to harness the imagination.

Title: The Giant Game of Sculpture
Author/Illustrator: Herve Tullet
Publisher: Phaidon, $39.95
Publication Date: 24 September 2014
Format: Hard cover, large
ISBN: 9780714868004
For ages: 2 - 8
Type: Activity Book