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Tuesday 12 April 2016

Review: No, No, Gnome!

It’s time to harvest the school’s garden. Everyone has a responsibility, even Gnome, until he starts making a mess. “No, no, Gnome!” the students shout. No matter what job Gnome is given, even watering or collecting clippings, he can’t seem to last without going a bit rogue, so he is sent back to the classroom and harvest is postponed.

When Gnome finally sees the consequences of his behaviour and how it has upset his schoolmates, he sets out to make amends. As the students return to school the next day they are excited to discover he’s tidied up and their garden looks beautiful again. “Oh, oh, Gnome!” Now they can all happily bring in the harvest.

Author-illustrator Ashlyn Anstee has created a fun story in No, No, Gnome! Its central character is rather excitable and a little bit naughty, but learns from his mistakes. It would also be a great story to encourage children to get into gardening or explore where our fresh fruit and vegetables come from.

The publisher’s website has a wonderful activity sheet to download and use with the story. Scroll down on the publisher page to find activity links for colour in pages, match the veges, help Gnome find his garden tools, and learn about tomatoes, strawberries and sunflowers.

Title: No, No, Gnome!
Author/Illustrator: Ashlyn Anstee
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, $26.99 RRP
Publication Date: April 2016
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781481430913
For ages: 4-8
Type: Picture book