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- author Jackie French

Monday 25 September 2017

Review: The Scared Book

What do you think a book might feel about the characters that inhabit it?

This highly engaging and interactive picture book explores this very idea, as the book itself proclaims it cannot continue with the story once it discovers it’s all about monsters.

The Scared Book is so scared of the monsters roaming its pages, it asks the reader to help it shoo them off. You’ll have to scratch, rub, shake and flick the monsters away so The Scared Book can get on with the story. 

At every page turn, the audience is invited to play, creating a fun and memorable experience the kids will want repeated multiple times. This is the new favourite book in my house. Both my four-year-old and two-year-old are obsessed. 

Neither hesitated to jump in and help the book shoo away the monsters, and my four-year-old was delighted by the marvellous surprise ending, which, again, makes the reader part of the story. 

Add to this the gorgeous and fun illustrations by Kim Siew and this really is a book that ticks all the boxes. I adore the funky and quirky monsters, and I love that they all have distinct personalities that shine through in the illustrations. 

The Scared Book is a highly engaging and super fun story for kids. This is the kind of book children fall in love with and request daily. It’s the perfect book to encourage a passion for story time, and it would be a fantastic choice for reading to a group of kids (who I’m positive would thoroughly enjoy taking turns to get rid of the monsters).

With Christmas just around the corner, if you’re looking for a special book the kids will love, I highly recommend The Scared Book by Debra Tidball and Kim Siew.

Title: The Scared Book
Author: Debra Tidball
Illustrator: Kim Siew
Publisher: Hachette, $16.99
Publication Date: 29 August 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780734417503
For ages: 2+
Type: Picture Book