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Saturday 14 October 2017

Review: See You When I See You

Part of a chapter book series translated from Swedish which began with My Happy Life, this stand-alone story has Dani as the protagonist again, in a complete adventure in two parts.

Dani is starting her second year of school. She’s trying to come to terms with the changes taking place in her life. Her best friend Ella has moved away and Dad is preoccupied with his girlfriend Sadie.

Dani’s class sets out on an excursion to the zoo in Skansen. There are set rules in case anyone gets lost or is separated from the group.

After two girls make fun of her at the monkey enclosure, Dani runs away. She nearly falls over a goose that starts to follow her. When a group of tourists want to take a picture of the girl with the goose, Dani realizes she is lost.

As she stands at the last point the class had been, she thinks of Ella, her headstrong friend who always does what she wants, but is the person Dani loves most in the world. Another class appears. But it’s not Dani’s. And there is Ella!

It seems like they have never been parted. They set out to have fun, forgetting that people are searching for them.

Dramas unfold. They go on a treasure hunt, reminisce about past adventures and promises they made to each other, and recall the excursion to the Iceland ponies. A very angry teacher finally catches up with them. Rules are made to be obeyed. Have the girls really learnt their lesson?

Themes of close friendships and the importance of obeying rules are woven within a Swedish atmosphere which is maintained in the entire series. The fabulous pen illustrations by Eva Ericksson beautifully portray the cheeky actions and emotions of the young children. They tell a story of their own while enhancing the text and strengthening the story line.
Title: See You When I See You
Author: Rose Lagercrantz
Illustrator: Eva Ericksson
Publisher: Gecko Press, $15.99
Publication Date: August 2017
Format: Paperback w/flaps
ISBN: 9781776571307
For ages: 5 - 7
Type: Junior Fiction