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Friday 24 November 2017

Guest Post: Jan Latta on Sleepy the Sloth

Five years ago, I started researching sloths for my next True to Life book. When I heard about a Sloth Sanctuary in Limon, Costa Rica, I sent an email to the manager, but I was informed that all their sloth ‘images’ belonged to National Geographic and Animal Planet. They said if I travelled to their sanctuary I would not be allowed to create a sloth book from my photographs. What!!?

Disappointed (and puzzled,) I continued my search. In July, I read about Enca Garcia, a zoologist at the Jaguar Rescue Centre. She’s been saving injured sloths and then releasing them back into the wild. After seeing my website, and the books I’ve created, Enca said I could come to her sanctuary to create my sloth book.

It was over 50 hours of flying time and only four days to photograph the sloths and create a video. That was impossible, so I decided to write and design the book before I left as I had five years of research. This condensed the important information and gave me a ‘wish list’ for photographs to tell the sloth’s story. I was so excited, and with fingers crossed I flew to Costa Rica in August.

I fell in love with the most adorable sloth and she became the ‘star’ of the book. Enca allowed me to take her out of the sanctuary to be photographed in her natural habit in the wild.

After four days of photography Enca checked my copy for Sleepy the Sloth. I discovered that some of the information I used was not up to date. It was great to have an expert zoologist correct my text.
Sleepy the Sloth was the most wonderful book to create. Sloths are so gentle and they smile all the time. I have a new set of wrinkles from smiling back.

Jan and an adopted baby sloth
Sleepy the Sloth video is on the video section of  www.truetolifebooks.com.au

Jan Latta is an author, wildlife photographer and publisher of 15 True to Life Books, educating children about endangered animals. To create the books Jan has followed wild animals in India, Africa, Borneo, Sri Lanka, Uganda, China and Costa Rica.  

You can find all of Jan’s gorgeous books and videos at www.truetolifebooks.com.au

 We just couldn't resist sharing some more of Jan's utterly adorable new friends with you all.


Sleeping makes you sleepy
Hanging around for a bite to eat