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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Review: Merry Everything

Confession time: I have never been a big fan of Christmas. I love the idea of it but, truth be told, my tree is always lopsided, my gingerbread crumbly and the thought of shopping for presents sends me running for the Charles Dickens on my bookshelf.

Enter Tania McCartney and Jess Racklyeft. This jolly, sparkly gem of a Christmas book is enough to make the grinchiest Grinch among us revel in the festive fun.

It's Christmas Eve and the world is 'buzzing with busy'. There are baubles to hang, songs to be sung and scrumptious treats to prepare. A sneak peek into the festive homes of animals around the world captures the magic and togetherness that is the true essence of the Christmas season.

Each page shines with a love of this season and Tania's words drip from the tongue like brandy down the side of a plum pudding. Lush language   'Lashings of shimmer to hang'  and a spirited rhythm  'Seeking and creeping and sneaking ... No peeking! make it a delight to read out loud.

Jess has created an adorable collection of creatures, from bees and bears to whales and wombats, each busy preparing for and celebrating the season. There are monkeys stringing stars among the trees, ducks pulling crackers in the pond and flamingos snapping selfies by the pool.

The book is peppered with sweet memories and fresh ideas for creating special family traditions. Even the endpapers (handwritten envelopes and packages to animal families across the globe) highlight the thrill of Christmas and the importance of bringing together loved ones, near and far.

Heartwarming, joyful and visually evocative, this is sure to become a family treasure, adding a little extra magic to children's hearts as they count down to the big day. A huge thank you to this creative force for instilling in me a Christmas spirit that's suddenly looking truly merry and bright.

Title: Merry Everything
Author: Tania McCartney
Illustrator: Jess Racklyeft
Publisher: Windy Hollow Books, $25.99
Publication Date: October 2017
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781922081704
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book