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- author Jackie French

Saturday 20 January 2018

Review: Look, There's a Helicopter!

Children of all ages exclaim in delight when they spot a helicopter in the sky.

Look, There's a Helicopter! is a delightful early look-and-find board book.

The female pilot is ready to take off on a mission that will encourage child readers to join her, 'Start the ignition!'

Joining the pilot in her cockpit is her pigeon companion who is ready to fly into the sky and over the ocean.

On their journey they will need to navigate through a drift of hot-air balloons and preform a rescue mission.

Children's little fingers will delight in poking the many holes on the page, that they can also wiggle their fingers though, as they use the rhyming text to discover objects in the illustrations.

While this is a simple and bright board book it will simulate conversations about many concepts familiar to little children: colours, shapes, patterns and counting.

Look, There's a Helicopter provides families with opportunities to talk about several different kinds of transport: helicopters, hot-air balloons, ships and other modes of transport that can be seen on the tarmac of an airport.

Enjoy the helicopter journey as you and your child turn each page looking and talking about the action-packed illustrations. If you like lots of animals see the other book in this series Look, There's a Tractor.

Title: Look, There's a Helicopter!
Illustrator: Esther Aarts
Publisher: Nosy Crow, $12.99
Publication Date: 2 January 2018
Format: Board Book
ISBN: 9781788000772
For ages: 0 - 2
Type: Board Books