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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Review: A Boat of Stars

I love poetry books for kids and this new collection of Australian poems is great for shared reading experiences.

Poetry helps kids to love language. To appreciate rhythm and metre, even though they don’t know what it means. It helps them hear the flow of language and learn how to have fun with it.

The editors, Margaret Connolly and Natalie Jane Prior, decided to create the poetry book that they wanted but couldn’t find. They pulled together some of Australia’s most talented writers and illustrators and created a gorgeous anthology of modern Australian poems for children.

The poems are varied, from the silly to the lyrical, the outrageous to the thoughtful. The thread that brings them together is that they all speak to today’s children. They capture the funny moments, the real events, the imaginative adventures and the everyday happenings.

This collection is delightfully and beautifully illustrated by some of Australia’s best admired and respected illustrators, including Stephen Michael King, Julie Vivas, Kerry Argent and many more. The illustrations don’t just support the text, they create beautiful little worlds on each page that kids can fully immerse themselves in before moving on to the next poem.

The poems would appeal to a vast range of ages. You could read them to a three-year-old or an eight-year-old to enthusiastic response and they can be used to support language and poetry learning with older children. A gorgeous poetry collection for any bookshelf.

Title: A Boat of Stars
Editors: Margaret Connolly and Natalie Jane Prior
Publisher: ABC Books, $29.99
Publication Date: 19 February 2018
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9780733337932
For ages: 3+
Type: Poetry Collection