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- author Jackie French

Thursday 10 May 2018

Review: 1 2 3 I Can Build!

1 2 3 I Can Build! is part of the Starting Art series and introduces the concept of architecture.

After first reading a simple definition of architecture, each time you turn the page, you'll uncover a new aspect of building and activities which serve as examples of function, structure, foundation, and other concepts.

Learn how to make your building strong with cardboard tube pillars, and how to build a birdhouse frame by collecting twigs and joining them together with modeling clay.

Other activities include a mushroom mansion (incorporating a decorated, upside-down plastic bowl as the roof), a tall tower with spiral slide (all made from construction paper), and a castle built from sugar cube bricks.

Once you reach the end of 1 2 3 I Can Build! you'll discover how all the concepts and techniques can be combined to create a big 'dream design'.

All the fun contained within the book would be great weekend or school holiday entertainment. At the back are a few tips for parents and teachers to make sure young builders have a good building experience, and some ideas for additional building activities.

Fabulous colourful photos illustrate the step-by-step instructions and show finished products. There are also a few cute little hand-drawn people (little builders) interspersed throughout.

Look out for other books in this series including those about painting, collaging, sculpting, and drawing.

Title: 1 2 3 I Can Build!
Author: Irene Luxbacher
Illustrator: Irene Luxbacher
Publisher: Kids Can Press, $9.99
Publication Date: 2013
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781554533169
For ages: 6 - 7
Type: Junior non-fiction